The GENESIS is the answer for the pilot who wants a modern, two-place, roomy, side-by-side aircraft for a price below that of a 30-year
old Cessna. Available with your choice of dual yoke controls or center stick, the GENESIS can be configured to satisfy your exacting requirements. Equipped with the standard Rotax 582, and in solo configuration, take-off roll is a mere 150 feet, with a 250 foot landing roll
and a climb rate of 800 fpm. The GENESIS base price also includes dual 10-gallon wing tanks to provide for four hours of cross-country endurance.

Concerned about useful load? Don't be! With an average empty weight of 645 lbs., the GENESIS equipped with the standard Rotax 582
has a useful load of 555 lbs. Purchase any of the larger optional powerplants, and the gross weight capability increases to 1320 lbs.
providing for an even larger useful load. We have tested and proven all of our offered engine options, so your choice is limited only by your performance requirements and available budget.

The GENESIS kit typically will take about 400 hours to complete, and that's about as low as you'll find for a real enclosed cabin aircraft. All
of the welding and fabrication is done before the kits leave our plant, and our manuals are clearly written with easy step by step instructions, and numerous photos, illustrations and CAD drawings, so even a novice builder can be up and flying in no time.

The GENESIS airframe lists for $15,540, and includes all of the flight surfaces, fuselage, fiberglass enclosure, landing gear, wheels and tires, control systems and doors. Among the many options we offer are cabin heating, floats, wheel pants, strut fairings, complete instruments packages, and as a basis of comparison, a complete Genesis aircraft, ready to fly, typically runs from $30,000 to $40,000, depending on your powerplant and choice of options.

Whether you are seriously looking for the aircraft of your dreams, or just kicking tires, please phone, fax, or email us and we will be happy
to answer any questions you may have. Why settle for a 30-year-old aircraft when you can have today's styling, performance, handling, and
all around excitement at an affordable price?

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