What is this site about?

This site is all about helping readers get the information they need about model airplane replica kits to help them get the most out of their building hobbies.

What are model airplane replica kits?

These are kits that contain the actual airplane parts, instructions on how to build them, and other accessories that you might need.

What makes model airplanes fun?

Model airplanes are tangible, valuable, and when you build them right, quite beautiful.

What makes building airplane models fun?

The immersion that goes into losing yourself when building and the satisfaction that you feel when you finally complete a model are good reasons, for a start.

Where can I buy model planes?

Airplane models can be bought online if you prefer. They’ll be delivered to your doorstep or wherever your mailing address might be.

Should I buy models new or used?

That depends on you. If you only want to collect, go with new. If you like to build, used might be more your style.